LATERAL LINES Avalon Municipal Code Title 6 – Section 6-7.304
Inspection and Report Upon Sale of Property:  A Property owner shall have the private sewer lateral inspected by a licensed plumber prior to and as a condition precedent to any sale of the property.  An inspection report meeting the requirements of this Article (Section 6-7.314, Item F, Inspection and Inspection Report Standards) shall be prepared and submitted to the buyer, with a copy to the City, prior to any sale of the property.


Regarding real property in Avalon, CA, Catalina Realtors Agents hold valid and current real estate licenses with the California Department of Real Estate and may act as either a Listing, Selling or Dual Agent in transactions. Buyer(s) and Seller(s) are advised that when performing the diligent visual inspection of accessible areas of the property, our agents will be performing such inspection with the Knowledge, Experience, Education and Training necessary to obtain a real estate license in the State of California only.  Buyer(s) is further advised to obtain a Professional Home Inspection concerning the accuracy of information concerning the condition or features of the property, and Buyer(s) is advised to independently verify the accuracy of the information received from all inspections with the appropriate professionals.

AGENCY RELATIONSHIPS  Seller's / Buyer's Associate Licensee and Broker agree to exercise due diligence and reasonable efforts to achieve the purpose of the agency relationship.  Associate Licensee and Broker shall not have the duty or responsibility to perform the following: (1) decide the purchase price of the subject property; (2) guarantee the condition of the subject property; (3) have responsibility or liability for defects that are not known to Associate Licensee or Broker and are not observable by a reasonably diligent visual inspection of accessible areas of the subject property; (4) verify, inspect, guarantee or warrant the repairs performed by or at the instruction of the Seller; (5) identify property boundary lines or verify lot size or square footage; (6) verify inspection reports and representations of others, including, but not limited to termite or pest control inspectors or their clearance, contractors, home inspectors, soils or other engineers, and any other inspections or representations made by others concerning the condition of the subject property; (7) provide legal or tax advice; (8) inspect of areas off the site of the subject property; (9) obtain, review or verify permits; (10) inspect public records concerning the title or use of the subject property; (11) investigate or advise on soil stability, geologic conditions, drainage, hazardous substances, structural conditions of improvements, or the condition of the roof, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, well, sewer, septic, waste disposal or other systems; (12) provide any advice or information that exceeds the knowledge, education and experience required to obtain a real estate license.

CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING The City of Avalon is incorporated with it's own Mayor, City Council and Planning Commission.  All building, new construction and remodeling must be approved by the City of Avalon Planning Commission. Their phone number is 1 (310) 510-0220. 

Buyer(s) and Seller(s) are advised that when performing the diligent visual inspection of accessible areas of the property, our agents will be performing such inspection with the Knowledge, Experience, Education and Training necessary to obtain a real estate license in the State of California only.  Buyer(s) is further advised to obtain a Professional Home Inspection concerning the accuracy of information concerning the condition or features of the property, and Buyer(s) is advised to independently verify the accuracy of the information received from all inspections with the appropriate professionals.

CATALINA REALTORS does not recommend any one company over another including but not limited to escrow companies, title companies, appraisers, lenders, mortgage brokers, home inspection companies, structural pest control companies, property insurance companies, title insurance companies, building contractors, electricians, plumbers, handymen, carpenters, or surveyors over another. You can select any company of your choosing. Sometimes the Seller and Buyer in a transaction may each want their own company. Our office does not guarantee or warranty the work performed by any of the inspection companies or individuals on the list.

Catalina Realtors and it’s broker and agents strongly advise buyers to obtain thorough and complete property inspections to satisfy themselves as to the usability and condition of the improvement, land and location for their use. 

PROPERTY TAXES  Questions regarding the computation of property tax should be directed to the Auditor-Controller, Property Tax Division. Please call between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at (213) 974-8368


Avalon is located in the County of Los Angeles. property taxes are currently 1% with the addition of Voted Indebtedness

.018387 % for Community College

.034574 % for Unified Schools

Sewer Charges

Salt Water Charges (for toilets)

Trash Collection Charges

Couty/Park District Charges &

Trauma/Emergency Services

This report is an estimate of the original secured property tax bill charges for the above-mentioned property using information obtained from the County on a given
date. Changes made by the County or the underlying public agencies levying charges against this property after the date of this report may not be reflected in this
Basic Prop 13 Levy
1. Combined Ad Valorem Tax Charges Ad Valorem Tax $1,208.39
County of Los Angeles (213) 974-7175 General

Basic Prop 13 Levy & Voter Approved Ad Valorem Taxes: $1,208.39
Estimated Tax Rate: 1%

Direct Assessments
2. Sewer Standby Water/Sewer Standby Charge $475.98
City of Avalon (310) 510-0220 Sewer Availability

3. Avalon City Trash (New Account) Trash, Waste or Refuse Fee $434.65
City of Avalon (310) 510-0220 Trash

4. Avalon City Salt Water Water Assessment $142.67
City of Avalon (310) 510-0220 Water

5. Los Angeles County Trauma and Emergency Services Paramedics Services Assessment $49.86
County of Los Angeles (866) 587-2862 Health

6. Regional Park and Open Space District 1915 Bond Act Assessment District $15.20
Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District (213)
Parks & Recreation
Total Direct Assessment Charges: $1,118.36

Total 2013-2014 Amount $2,326.75

HUD FLOOD ZONE: Properties on Sumner, Eucalyptus, Catalina, Descanso, Clarissa, Beacon, Tremont Avenues may be located in a HUD FLOOD ZONE. Maps and further infornation are available at the Catalina Realtors office at 119 Sumner Avenue, Suite A. or FEMA https://msc.fema.gov/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/FemaWelcomeView?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&langId=-1

ZONING: We strongly recommend that prior to your completing the purchase of the property, you consult with the appropriate city officials or with an attorney who can help you determine whether any restrictions exist. Catalina Realtors makes no representations that the zoning of the property is appropriate for the use you intend and we assume no responsibility in the event a zoning restriction does apply to your intended use of the property. Catalina Realtors makes no claim as to the accuracy of any property zoning or zoning maps. As zoning is subject to change, we have been instructed by the City of Avalon to have interested parties call the City directly to discuss current zoning.  1 (310) 510-0220. The City of Avalon website link at the top of our home page is an excellent resource to learn about zoning and what is allowed. Please click on the addresss below for zoning info: 

The City of Avalon is: Within the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission.   In an area with growth limitation guidelines for construction and/or remodeling. In an area where the City of Avalon can issue or deny vacation rental permits often referred to as CUP’s, Conditional use permits. No one can guarantee a vacation rental permit and the possibility of permit revocation by a City of Avalon Planning Commission hearing is always a possibility . For additional information please contact the City of Avalon Planning Department at 1(310) 510-0220. In an area that is subject to water rationing and resultant building moratoriums related to water availability.In an area that can be subject to limitations and availability of service providers including but not limited to general and building contractors, electrical and plumbing contractors, insurance providers, structural pest control/termite companies, lending institutions, property appraisers. In an area where some properties are subject to land lease. With leased land property rights do not include a full “fee Interest”. Buyers are encouraged to meet with the Land Lease representative to fully investigate the rights and obligations associated with this purchase to ensure that the property will be suitable for your use. In an area where rental income cannot be guaranteed from either transient (less than 30 days and requiring a CUP) or non-transient rentals.  Buyers must ascertain their own expectations when reviewing current and prior year’s rental proceeds and performance.  In an area that has vehicle limitations on the numbers, hours, use and type of vehicles that can be used on the City of Avalon Streets.

Hamilton Cove The Homeowner’s Association dues are currently $890.00 per month (SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE). 

On January 26th The Hamilton Cove Condominium HOA completed their purchase of the land from the Santa Catalina Island Company (SCICo).  The 1% SCICo transfer fee on sales of units has also disappeared. Each unit was assessed approximately $46,500 for the land. Owners that have not paid off or financed the land, pay approximately $410 month to purchase the land on a variable loan currently at approximately 6.25% Annual Percentage Rate with a 15 year amortization. Buyers should know up front whether the land has been purchased on potential units and if not, how much is currently owned. Buyers are encouraged to contact the Hamilton Cove Home Owner’s Association at 1(310) 510-9500 and to fully investigate all related matters of interest prior to making their purchase decision. Hamilton Cove lease and HOA dues are subject to change without notice.

All square footage (sometimes abbreviated as sq.ft. SQ. FT., square feet, is approximate and taken from either tax assessor’s records or from property owners themselves. Catalina Realtors and it’s agents do not locate property boundaries, measure lot size or attempt to determine actual square footage. Our information including but not limited to square footage, condition of property, environmental concerns, zoning, income, profit and loss records for businesses, view has been obtained from sources which we believe to be reliable, (generally tax assessor's rolls, other brokers and interviews with property owners, neighbors and tenants) however, we do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Broker does not verify this information. It is important that, in addition to Broker and Seller's required disclosures, Buyers do their own investigation to satisfy themselves as to their complete interest and knowledge of the property and its location before making an offer. CATALINA REALTORS is located at 119 Sumner Avenue, Suite A on the Sumner Avenue side of the Post Office Arcade in downtown Avalon. Our telephone number is 1 (310) 510-1811. Our office email address is Realty@Catalinaisp.com

Please call or email us if you have any questions about any facet of these disclosures.


Southern California Edison, Water, gas, electric (800) 367-8851

Telephone: ATT (800) 288-2020

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Avalon Sheriff's Station (310) 510-0174

Location: 215 Sumner Ave Avalon, CA 90704

Contact: Emergency: 9-1-1  http://www.lasd.org/